Friday, September 17, 2010

What Foods Make Your Butt Bigger?

Having sexy curves with a big butt is loved by a lot of women want. And most of them are not sure about the way how they can make a bigger butt. Well, here you will learn exactly about which food you need to take to make your butt bigger .With its help you can get a curves sexy look and great your body feels. The food chart is given below:

  • Eat lots of sugar and starchy foods like pasta, which all will go to your butt.
  • Eat huge amounts corn bread that helps you to make your butt to grow up and lots of wheat bread makes your butt bigger than before.
  • For making your butt and thighs bigger you must have to eat as much greasy food that you can.
  • You need to take Protein and calcium that will help you to make it. Also you have to drink lots of milk.
  • You should have to drink Papaya juice.
  • You need to eat Cereal and cheese toast as much as you can.
  • Chicken is also being the best solution to make a big butt because of all of the hormones that are getting injected into it.
  • You may take Cauliflower, chicken, milk, peanut butter, and also may drink Kool-Aid with a load of sugar.
  • I also heard that if you eat a huge amount of carrots and other green vegetables that will help you to make your butt bigger.
  • You also take some thick and creamy foods which will make your thighs and butt bigger.
  • Also eating five or six hot dogs every night before the time you go to bed can be the very fastest way to get a bigger butt.


  1. this is not the way to get a big butt; this is the fastest to get FAT. For getting a bigger butt you will have to eat healthy with proteins and curbs and vitamins and do lost of donkey kicks three times a week.